Migrated to Octopress

A few weeks ago I hired a VPS to put some personal projects and decided to migrate my blog from Wordpress after reading a blog post of Almir Mendes talking about Octopress.

Hmm… ok… so, what is Octopress?

Imagine a CMS with an yml file instead of a dashboard, posts and pages being written in plain text format stored in folders/files that allows you to maintain all of it in any version control system, as Git, and deploying so easy as transfering some files to a folder. Sounds good? If “yes”, Octopress is for you.

Easy to install/setup

If you are a software developer, it’s gonna be easy, if a ruby developer, trivial and if non-developer it’ll be… like a puzzle. The documentation is really helpful, covering installation, customization, deploying… pretty much everything.

As I chose Nginx, I used an extra help from Bigdinosaur Blog to setup it correctly.

What about the old blog?

I didn’t migrate the posts because I’m gonna update them before reposting. And the old domain will be redirecting to this one temporally.

So, bye bye Wordpress!