My Development Environment in 7 Items

A few centuries ago Almir Mendes and Paulo Jeveaux posted about their development environment in 7 items and I’d do the same. So, here it is:


Mac Mini as my main work machine and a macbook pro when I need mobility.

It’s a pleasure to work with Mac OS X and the main reason: it doesn’t bother me with many issues that I used to deal with other operating systems. After 5 years using it, I feel at home.


SublimeText could be seen only as a good editor just for being a Textmate on steroids and great for many developers, but not for me. However, its vintage mode really got me, since I’ve been a Vim user for years, plus its customization and look and feel are superb.


Bash + In addition, currently I’m trying iTerm2, so far, so good.


Chrome with the following extensions: Delicious Bookmarks, MeasureIt!, Screen Capture, Send to Kindle, feedly, 1Password and Gist.IO Page Switcher.


  • Propane: Campfire client to work and have fun with human beings.
  • iTunes: Best podcast manager that I’ve used so far. It’s a music player as well.
  • Alfred: It isn’t just an application launcher, it’s my personal jack of all trades. I just type Cmd+Space (my custom hotkey for it) and with a few strokes I’m able to navigate through folders and files, send email messages, play songs and much more.
  • Homebrew: package manager to make life easier for developers.

Source Code

Git + Github/Bitbucket. Besides git command line tools, I use GitX to browse through history log and review commits. Just a note: I don’t miss SVN and CVS at all.


I listen to some random album from my iTunes library usually, but when things got serious I listen to emancipator, that helps me to focus more.

Your turn

So, about you? What are your 7 items?