Improving Your Ruby Programming Skills by Watching

A list with some great screencasts resources about Ruby.


You couldn’t make it to that great conference, maybe you can find it on Confreaks. There are 54 events at the time I am writing this post, most of them Ruby related covering a great variety of topics.

As RubyConf Brasil is the only big conference that I used to go, for everything else there’s Confreaks, videos are available for free.


“Get the newest and hottest development resources from PeepCode, well before they’re covered in books” described well their one-hour tutorials, $12 each.

Besides the tutorials, there is the exceptional Play by Play series where you can watch experts working in some task given by Geoffrey Grosenbach.

Destroy All Software

Screencasts covering Unix, Testing, OO Design, Git, Vim and dynamic languages (with a Ruby focus), $9/month.

Gary Bernhardt was the first invited expert to the Play by Play series and I think he liked, since he has already produced more than 70 screencasts after that.

Watching his screencasts is like having another developer in the team giving you some great tips and advices.


Screencasts about Rails and related projects and techniques. There are free, revised and pro episodes. The last two are only available for RailsCast Pro subscribers, $9/month. There is a transcription and a github repository for each episode.

Ryan Bates has been doing a great work covering a lot of projects, some of them I’ve heard about first from his screencasts.